1. What is RipOff?
  2. Why should I use RipOff?
  3. How do I install RipOff?
  4. Where's Mp3 support? (for binary installation methods)
  5. What features are planned for RipOff 1.0 besides what's already there (as of RipOff 0.6.1)?
  6. How do I report bugs?
  7. What are RipOff's dependencies?
  8. What license is RipOff under?
  9. Any cool features for post-1.0?
  10. How do I connect to the CDDB if I'm using a HTTP Proxy?
  11. Who maintains this project?

What is RipOff?

RipOff is a GTK+ based CD Ripper for Linux (and hopefully for other Unixy systems once some testing and fixing has been done) that sports a simple interface, CDDB lookups, and a plugin-based encoder architecture. It looks GUI-wise suspciously like Sound Juicer in some ways, although I've changed the parts I didn't like of Sound Juicer's interface (of course). It is currently in a pre-1.0 release cycle.

Why should I use RipOff?

It's purely a matter of opinion. Before the full release of RipOff you may find it buggy and not featureful enough. The reason it was written was because I found the interface of grip to be overly complex and Sound Juicer's interface has just became strange to me, if still simple. A nice thing is that RipOff doesn't depend on GNOME (unlike Sound Juicer), so for all you GTK+ fans who despise GNOME, and don't like grip, RipOff is something that hopefuly appeals to you.

How do I install RipOff?

If you are on RHEL 4, Fedora Core 5 or 6, you will find RPMs for your distro on the RipOff downloads page. Please note that you must have the libcddb and libcdio packages for your distro also installed. On FC5, you can find them in the Fedora Extras repository. On RHEL 4, you can find a libcdio package here and libcddb RPM here. The FC3 libcddb RPM should work fine for RipOff on RHEL4.

If you are on Gentoo you can put the RipOff ebuild located in the misc/ directory of the RipOff source distrbution into your Portage overlay and have Portage handle the dependencies for you. RipOff is currently in the application process to become a maintained Gentoo package.

If you are on any distros, make sure you have all of RipOff's hard dependencies ( libcdio and libcddb)correctly installed and do the classic from-source install after unpacking the tarball

Other forms of packaging for the various distros are welcome if you are interested in contributing. Please just send e-mail me (e-mail info is at the bottom of this age) if you are interested or have questions about contributing.

Where's Mp3 support? (for binary installtion methods)

Unfortunately, due to US patent laws, RipOff binaries cannot be legally distrbuted with Mp3 support. The source code, however, is protected by free speech laws so you are welcome to download it and do what you will. You need to have either installed LAME from source, or installed any corresponding lame and lame-devel packages you might have found. To create the Mp3 plugin, download the RipOffMp3Plugin.tar.gz and any RipOff-devel packages for your distribution. from the RipOff downloads page. Install the RipOff-devel package, unpack RipOffMp3Plugin.tar.gz, and cd into the directory where it was unpacked. From there are two ways you can do two things

First, do a

and copy the resulting file in the src/ directory to the ~/.ripoff/plugins directory of the user who you plan to use RipOff with. Note, the plugin will only be available to that user

For a global install such that every user can see the plugin you will need to do a

What features are planned for RipOff 1.0 besides what's already there (as of RipOff 0.6.1)?

How do I report bugs?

Please see the bugs page

What are RipOff's dependencies?

What license is RipOff under?


Any cool features for post-1.0?


Please e-mail me any ideas for RipOff's future that you may have, or if you think the above features ideas are feature creep.

How do I connect to the CDDB if I'm using a HTTP Proxy?

Simply set your HTTP_PROXY environment variable to something like "" where 1337 is the portof the proxy

Who maintains this project?

My name is Ryan Newberry (brnewber on Sourceforge). I'm currently a Computer Science Senior at North Carolina State University. RipOff is my first Open Source project and was meant to teach me everything I needed to know about writing a decent-sized project in C. It has succeeded! Please contact me at brnewber__AT___gmail____dot____com