November 08, 2007

RipOff 0.8.3 release

February 14, 2007

RipOff 0.8.2 release

December 3, 2006

Fedora Core 6 RPMs

There are now Fedora Core 6 rpms for your usage. Enjoy!

August 25, 2006

RipOff 0.8.1 release

Fixed a bug that was causing 100% CPU usage due to a busy loop. This should also bring RipOff's ripping speeds back to normal on systems running 2.6.17 or greater Linux kernels.

July 28, 2006

RipOff 0.8 release

New Features Include



RipOff now has RPMs for RHEL4 and Fedora Core 5 as an available an installation method. Download them on the downloads page and for details on how to install them see the FAQ.

This will be the last RipOff release for awhile unless some major bug appears that needs to be fixed. RipOff also desperately needs some sort of icon. If you are interested in contributing one email me at brnewber_______AT_____gmail____dot___com

May 24, 2006

RipOff 0.7 released

New Features Include

Get it here

May 6, 2006

RipOff finally has a real website online! Here's some info on the project:

RipOff is a GTK+ based CD Ripper for Linux (and hopefully for other Unixy systems once some testing and fixing has been done) that supports a simple interface, CDDB lookups, and a plugin-based encoder architecture. It looks GUI-wise suspciously like Sound Juicer in some ways, although I've changed the parts I didn't like of Sound Juicer's interface (of course). It is currently in a pre-1.0 release cycle. More specific info can be found here.